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"We just wanted to remind everyone to get out and vote on November 8th."

Make voting a family affair—go out to eat afterwards! (Maybe at an affordable family steakhouse)

If only Cattleman's Ranch were real. 

But Randall Park makes a good point—make a day out of voting! Voting impacts not just you, but your family too—and our collective futures.

So make it a family tradition. This Election Day, bring your kids, your parents, your friends—whoever is your family—with you to the polls to cast a vote. Starting this tradition ensures that our voices—and votes—can impact not just this election, but for elections to come.

Let's #PowerUp the vote this year.

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A New Prize in Nevada: the Asian-American Vote 

"Nonpartisan community groups across the U.S. have been making an all-out effort to meet with AAPIs, register new voters, and stress the importance of casting ballots on Election Day."

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Watch APIAVote's Alton Wang discuss the Asian American Vote on BBC 

"And the thinking is whatever voter education is done now could filter into the general election. Asians are a small community, but in battleground states like Nevada, they could make a difference come November."

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