Happy Halloween! It would be scary if you didn't vote

#OurAAPIVoice must be heard on November 7th!  

Happy Halloween! It would be scary if you didn't vote. Make a plan and be ready to vote.


Virginia: Polls open 6AM - 7 PM. Rock the Vote has a voter guide.

New Jersey: Polls open 6AM - 8 PM.


We are launching #OurAAPIVoice campaign with a video series on the importance of young voters showing up at the polls for every election. We found college students in states with crucial state or local elections that could affect policies on affordable housing, religious freedom, and clean water. CLICK HERE to watch University of Virginia student Arjan Grover share about his Sikh American identity. 



Following our video series, we are hosting a Twitterstorm onThursday, Nov. 2 from 2-3pm EST using hashtag #OurAAPIVoice. Follow accounts @APIAVote and Asian Americans Advancing Justice - AAJC (@AAAJ_AAJC) to learn about the importance of AAPI voter participation and language access at the polls. #OurAAPIVoice becomes stronger with each barrier we remove in the voting process. 


Have you seen our mailers sent out to Virginia and New Jersey voters?


Virginia Absentee Voting and Voter ID Rules:  



New Jersey Early Voting, Absentee Voting and Voter ID Rules:  



For all other states, please CLICK HERE for Early Voting, Absentee Voting, and Election Deadlines in your state.


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"Mr. Northam, who is from the southern part of the state, is not well known in the vote-rich Washington suburbs, and even some Democrats have said the campaign has failed to generate excitement." 
"The political awakening among South Asians has attracted mostly young professionals who come from families that immigrated to New Jersey’s suburbs from India, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka, among other countries, and were raised and educated here." 
"Election security is a matter of national security, and these affairs historically have been above the political fray."