The last of the 2016 Presidential Primaries

As the last states prepared to vote in their presidential primaries on Tuesday, our California partners in Orange County and San Diego were hard at work at engaging voters in the weeks leading up to June 7th. The only remaining presidential primary contest is in the District of Columbia, where voters will go to the polls on June 14th.

The Orange County Asian and Pacific Islander Community Alliance (OCAPICA) spent 500 hours leading up to Tuesday's primary conducting phone banking, reaching nearly 30,000 voters, and accomplishing 3,000 pledges to vote. 

Their 40 volunteer phone bankers came from their various programs, including youth from their high school programs and adults from their health programs. Phone banking in the Orange County region was conducted in English, Vietnamese, Tagalog, and Mandarin. 

See photos of OCAPICA at work below:

Our coalition of partners, the Asian American and Pacific Islander Progressive Alliance (AAPIPA), ran a large field program focused exclusively on AAPI voters in San Diego County. 

Altogether, this all-volunteer group of young AAPI leaders in San Diego mailed over 25,000 AAPI voters, attempted over 10,000 phone calls, and knocked on over 600 doors during get-out-the-vote weekend. These efforts yielded over 25,000 indirect contacts via mail and 750 direct contacts via phone and door-to-door canvassing.

Lastly, AAPIPA's field program included a randomized controlled trial to test messaging that conveys the urgency of voting in 2016 to immigrant communities. The results of the experiment will inform voter engagement efforts targeted at immigrant communities in states across the country.

Find photos of AAPIPA engaging voters below:

Leading up to the primary in California, APIAVote also conducted our own messaging experiment with 120,000 AAPI voters in the state. Three mailers with various messaging methods, including two social pressure mailers and one traditional APIAVote mailer, were sent to voters prior to June 7th. 

This experiment will help APIAVote and our partners better understand not only how to better turn out AAPI voters for the elections, but what messaging angles resonate with our communities and are more effective.

See an example of a mailer from this experiment below:

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