A new program to mobilize AAPI youth→

We're building a new network to engage young AAPIs—and we need your help! Out of the AAPI electorate, 26.7% of the AAPI citizen voting age population is between 18 and 30, with over 2.8 million AAPI between the ages of 18 and 29. Young voters make up a substantial portion of the electorate, and with turnout, can directly impact elections. 

We know youth voting matters. Voting is a habit-forming practice—voting once increases your chances of voting again, particularly for young voters. When we are able to encourage individuals to vote in three elections, they will become lifetime voters. 

Registering and turning out youth also may increase the likelihood that other family or household members will vote. Furthermore, in immigrant communities, young voters are more likely to speak English and assist their families, such as in translating information or ballots.

APIAVote’s Ambassador program is aimed to create and facilitate a network of AAPI young leaders across the country, giving them the tools and support necessary to engage their peers on their campuses and their local communities. 

APIAVote Ambassadors are expected to develop and implement a voter engagement program on their campus or in their community, engage with student organizations and the institution to provide support for students wanting to vote, and push others to register and ultimately vote.

They will be key in coordinating volunteer and team recruitment, voter registration drives, and a get-out-the-vote program on their college campuses and in their communities. APIAVote will support Ambassadors through regular webinars and trainings, online hangouts, and technical assistance.

APIAVote will also provide mini-grants on a case-by-case basis to support the work of these ambassadors, to ensure they are supported and integrated into the APIAVote voter contact program. This program is volunteer based.

Please share with young AAPI leaders and encourage them to join!

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