Who is voting for us?

Programs Manager Kathryn Quintin is on a whirlwind tour to college campuses where APIAVote has #WeTheAAPI ambassadors. Last week we covered Kathryn's March Madness tour in the Northeast region. Now we turn our attention to the Southeast in part two of this travel series.


She visited Florida universities in April to meet with students as a featured speaker at each host student organization’s general body meeting to present on why young Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders should vote.


Florida State University


At Florida State University, Kathryn presented a workshop on power building and made the case for students to vote when she revealed that voters tend to be over 50 years old, wealthy and white where college students reside on campus.


Kathryn asked the students, "Who is voting for us? And does this align with your identity and values?" Students practiced door knocking by forming two lines and persuaded each other to register and vote.


In one scenario, students role played as a candidate running for office to persuade young voters to participate in democracy. They also talked about issues that personally affect them such as the DACA program and gun violence prevention.


Florida Atlantic University



Kathryn listened to Florida Atlantic University students' opportunities to civically engage students at commuter schools. Because of the students' proximity to home, they noted the potential to activate parents and other family members to vote in elections.


Another program idea included the integration of voter registration activities in the university's "big-little" mentor program between new and experienced students.


University of Central Florida


#WeTheAAPI Ambassadors Justin Chu and Alyssa Ledesma spend quality time with APIAVote's Programs Manager Kathryn Quintin in Florida during her site visit.


Kathryn's site visit at the University of Central Florida focused on capacity building with students and voter registration training. She also pitched an idea to the Asian Pacific American Coalition, which they have since accepted, to host a summit for incoming and outgoing student officers. It would sustain a leadership pipeline for students and maintain institutional knowledge of the organization.


Southeast Regional Conference

Asian-American Leaders



100 students from across Florida convened in Tallahassee, Florida, where Kathryn hosted a workshop on building power at the Southeast Regional Conference Asian-American Leaders. UCF, FSU, and FAU students attended her workshop to learn how AAPI students can position themselves on campus.


Students strategized how they plan to advocate for organizational funding and gain representation in student government. Kathryn gave an example at her alma mater FSU that the Asian American Student Union was granted annual student government funding only after the first elected Asian American student government president made it a reality.


Learn how to build power with us

At the latest Norman Y. Mineta Leadership Institute training in Miami, Florida, attendees learned how to get their community to vote in 2018 and beyond. One attendee also shared that the training demystified what it takes for a nonprofit to run a civic engagement program.

“I learned about the social aspects of recruiting people and some of the legal stuff behind nonprofit organizations. It will take practice but I feel I can use this training well,” Richard Li told APIAVote.

Unlock the secrets to politically engaging your community in 2018 at the Norman Y. Mineta Leadership Institute Training. Our next stops are Albany, NY and Minneapolis, MN — both on May 5th.
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