What We Do

Asian Pacific Islander Vote (APIAVote) is the only national institution focused on voter mobilization and civic participation of the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Community.  

Education and Outreach 

APIAVote works with the AAPI communities to emphasize the importance of voting and civic engagement and to illustrate how elected officials and ballot measures directly affect the goals of the AAPI community and its members.  

APIAVote is focused on identifying key AAPI partners in specific states and providing trainings for long-term electoral engagement. This election year, in addition to providing technical support and serving as a clearinghouse for best practices and materials, APIAVote will work with local partners to implement comprehensive and culturally- and linguistically-appropriate voter education and engagement programs.  


Field & Infrastructure Building 

APIAVote works with local nonprofits organizations, coalitions and civic groups and helps them incorporate civic and voter engagement into their existing frameworks. Based on the successes of previous election cycles, APIAVote continues to assess leadership, coalition, and organizational infrastructure between our local partners and national partners. 

With these assessments, APIAVote has developed organizing models that will strengthen and enhance partnership roles between APIAVote’s relationship with national and local organizations and coalitions. Through research, local and national surveys, and interviews, APIAVote has developed an approach to community and electoral organizing that merge the best of both practices as the integration of local and national priorities and goals began to take shape. 

Developing an approach to organizing inclusive of the national and local levels and of AAPIs’ diversity and experience, is what led APIAVote to redefine its alignment with local and national partners. With these new relationships APIAVote is ready to create and implement strategic joint program initiatives that will strengthen the framework and infrastructure for long term engagement.  


Leadership Training 

The Norman Y. Mineta Leadership Institute was launched in October 2006 in honor of Secretary Mineta’s lifetime career achievements of promoting civic participation and public service. The NYMLI Institute focuses a series of weekend-long leadership trainings for nonprofit staff, community leaders and volunteers in cities across the county. Trainees are taught to run an effective voter-mobilization program and incorporate civic participation into an organization and or coalition’s existing structure.  In 2012 the institute expanded to 14 states while training over 500 volunteers and community leaders.

NYMLI fouses on three areas:

  • Providing framework for effective civic engagement and electoral organizing.
  • Providing participants with organizing tools to effectively build civic engagement programs.
  • Increasing and encouraging regional partnerships.


Communication & Media Relations 

APIAVote has been aggressive in developing and executing its communication and media relations strategy with the focus on promoting AAPI issues and stories that highlight the importance of AAPI civic and electoral participation 

Thus far, APIAVote has worked with Los Angeles Time Editorial Board and MSNBC to build relations with the organizations as well as to educate their editors, reporters, and producers of the Asian American and Pacific Islander issues and demographics.  

In addition, APIAVote is working with its media and community partners in developing a communications infrastructure that will strengthen the capacity to frame and promote appropriate messages that will support the overall education, outreach and mobilization activities at the local level. 



In 2004, APIAVote created reports focused on demographic information and voting behavior of the APIA community in Nevada, Minnesota, California, Washington, Michigan, Oregon, New Jersey, New York and Illinois. In additional, state profiles were updated for the 2006 election year. For 2008 APIAVote will obtain voter files for specific states and districts for use as a tool to develop targeted outreach strategies. APIAVote will conduct analysis of voter turnout and engagement as well as conduct an assessment of the effectiveness of our education and GOTV programs. 



APIAVote will continue its partnerships with key youth coalition partners such as the National Asian Pacific American Pan-Hellenic Association and the South Asian American Voting Youth. These student organizers will use toolkits and training provided by APIAVote to organize their own voter-engagement programs and solicit volunteers for community-based initiatives. As funding is secured, sub grants will be provided to the youth-partner groups for these service-learning programs. APIAVote will continue to educate APIA youth through workshops at student-run regional conferences, rewarding year-round internships and ongoing youth-centric voter education campaigns through online venues.