Watch the Presidential Town Hall featuring Vice President Joe Biden and Governor Eddie Baza Calvo (Trump Surrogate)


Voter guides and voter FAQs in 7 languages: English, Chinese, Hmong, Khmer, Korean, Lao, Tagalog, Vietnamese.  Produced by: AAPIs For Civic Empowerment-Education Fund (AAPI FORCE-EF), an alliance of community organizations serving Asian American and Pacific Islanders across the state of California. 

The propositions on the California 2020 ballot address issues ranging from affirmative action to voting rights. Each one of these important initiatives touches the Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander community. Download this California NHPI Voter Guide, available in English, CHamorro,  Marshallese, Samoan, and Tongan languages, to help in your decision-making process.

Produced by Pasifika Vote, they are a collaborative effort of Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander community organizations made up of community members from all walks of life and every slice of the political spectrum. 

The Easy Voter Guide project is a collaboration of the League of Women Voters of California Education Fund, the California State Library and the Common Knowledge Group.

This provides a general overview of what is on the ballot including propositions.  Available in Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese


An overview of the Florida Constitution Amendments is translated in Chinese. The 2020 election flyer explains the various options for voting. This is translated into Chinese, English, Korean, Thai and Vietnamese. A voting rights flyer is also available in Chinese. Developed by the Florida Asian Services


NC How to Fill Out & Return Your Vote By Mail Ballot Videos: Vietnamese, Tagalog, Urdu, Gujarati, Farsi, Cantonese, Burmese, Mandarin, K'ho, Nepali

North Carolina specific content translated into Hindi, Urdu, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean and Hmong here: (Right hand side menu)


Who’s Who in Minnesota Politics is available in English, Hmong, Somali, Spanish, Oromo, Vietnamese, Traditional Chinese & Simplified Chinese. Produced by Coalition of Asian American Leaders, CAPI USA, and Forward Together


Learn more about the key candidates and ballot measures that are important to our Asian Pacific Islander communities in Oregon. These voter guides are translated into Chinese, Korean, Tagalog, Spanish, Vietnamese, Hmong, and Soomaali. Produced by the Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon

Also tune into the APANO Community Town Hall regarding Ballot Measures & Candidates presented by Multnomah County Elections office which was interpreted in Chinese and Vietnamese. Passcode: P!2t4@gJ


APA Voice provides translated Voter Guides in Chinese and Korean and Instructional Mail by Vote Ballot Videos in Korean and Chinese


How to use the voting machine in Philadelphia. View in Cantonese, Mandarin, and Indonesian. Video Produced by Asian Americans United


The Texas and Austin Guide offers a nonpartisan, complete list of all contests on your ballot, including state and local offices and propositions. It also includes each candidate’s answers to questions regarding where they stand on the issues. Available in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Vietnamese and produced by the League of Women Voters of Texas & League of Women Voters Austin Area


Learn how to vote early by planning ahead, considering voting by mail and other advice as you prepare to cast your ballot. This Vote Early Flyer is translated in Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Urdi,and Spanish.  



Voters Guides for Houston are now available in English, Spanish, Chinese and Vietnamese.  Produced by the League of Wommen Voters of Houston


The 2020 NQAPIA Voter Guides

NQAPIA has put together these non-partisan voter guides for important swing elections to determine candidates competency on key issues for our community such as: LGBTQ equality, API families, Trans Justice, Racial Justice, Immigrant Rights, and Health Justice. 

Click Through the Following Guides to Learn About Your District's Election: 

Senate Races in: Alaska, Arkansas, Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Georgia, Iowa, Idaho

Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, Virginia.  

House Races in: CA-06, CA-07, FL-09, FL-10, FL-11, IL-01, IL-04, IL-05, IL-07, MA-07, MA-08, MN-05, NV-03, NY-05, NY-06, NY-07, NY-08, NY-09, NY-10, NY-11, NY-12, NY-13, NY-14, NY-15, NY-16, NY-17, NY-22, PA-02, PA-03, RI-01, TX-02, TX-07, TX-09, TX-18, TX-21, TX-29

To determine what district you are in and your voter registration, please head to NQAPIA’s  voter page here