APIAVote, YOMYOMF, and Rock the Vote are looking for young Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander youth to share their stories—their achievements, their challenges, and their aspirations.

We are looking for students and other young AAPIs to share their life goals with us, as a part of a broader digital media campaign APIAVote, YOMYOMF, and Rock the Vote are launching at the 2016 Presidential Town Hall in mid-August.

Stories should be about what they want to achieve in their futures, how they have been working towards that, and/or barriers and challenges they face in heading towards that goal. For example, a story may come from a 19-year-old college student who works to push for representation of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in their college curriculum with a dream of becoming a teacher or professor in the future. Another example may be a 13-year-old middle school student that wants to be Secretary of State in the future, etc.

We’re looking for stories of individuals that dream—whether it’s to be President of the United States or CEO of a Fortune 500 company, whether it’s to be a professional athlete to bestselling artist.

We want to collect as many stories as possible—every story that we can. Selected stories will be featured in a key launch video of our digital media campaign, to be featured alongside the stories of actors, musicians, athletes, and other celebrities and influencers.

To collect stories, please submit answers to the following questions:

  • What was an example in your life when you felt powerless/voiceless/not a part of a community?
  • How did you find your voice and express yourself?
  • What is your aspiration and goal in life (i.e. the "I can be the President," "I can play point guard in the NBA", etc.)?
  • What is something you never thought you could do until another AAPI changed the tide?

Please submit your stories using the form below.

Submissions welcome from young AAPIs from elementary school to individuals in their mid-20s.