APIAVote works with local community partners to implement a grassroots voter contact and education program. For the 2019-2020 cycle, APIAVote is working with partners in 28 states, as well as other national organizations and coalitions. Based on the successes of previous cycles, APIAVote works to assess leadership, coalition, and organizational infrastructure between our local partners and national partners.

With these assessments, APIAVote has developed organizing models that will strengthen and enhance partnership roles between APIAVote’s relationship with national and local organizations and coalitions. Through research, local and national surveys, and interviews, APIAVote has developed an approach to community and electoral organizing that merge the best of both practices as the integration of local and national priorities and goals began to take shape.


Developing an approach to organizing inclusive of the national and local levels and of AAPIs’ diversity and experience, is what led APIAVote to redefine its alignment with local and national partners. With these new relationships, APIAVote has created and implemented strategic joint program initiatives that will strengthen the framework and infrastructure for long term engagement.

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