Communications & Media

APIAVote has been aggressive in developing and executing its communication and media relations strategy with the focus on promoting AAPI issues and stories that highlight the importance of AAPI civic and electoral participation. 

In addition, APIAVote is working with its media and community partners in developing a communications infrastructure that will strengthen the capacity to frame and promote appropriate messages that will support the overall education, outreach and mobilization activities at the local level. 

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Field & Infastructure Building

APIAVote works with local nonprofits organizations, coalitions and civic groups and helps them incorporate civic and voter engagement into their existing frameworks. Based on the successes of previous election cycles, APIAVote continues to assess leadership, coalition, and organizational infrastructure between our local partners and national partners. 

Developing an approach to organizing inclusive of the national and local levels and of AAPIs’ diversity and experience, and is what led APIAVote to redefine its alignment with local and national partners. With these new relationships APIAVote creates and implements strategic joint program initiatives that will strengthen the framework and infrastructure for long term engagement.  

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Leadership Training

The Norman Y. Mineta Leadership Institute was launched in October 2006 in honor of Secretary Mineta’s lifetime career achievements of promoting civic participation and public service. The NYMLI Institute focuses a series of weekend-long leadership trainings for nonprofit staff, community leaders and volunteers in cities across the county. Trainees are taught to run an effective voter-mobilization program and incorporate civic participation into an organization and or coalition’s existing structure. In 2016, trainings are being planned in a dozen states.

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Upcoming Events