Appalachian State University

ASA strives to explore Asian-American identity, leadership, and personal development through friendships, programs, and opportunities. We are dedicated to building connections among the AAPI community as well as between people of all cultures and ethnicities on campus. ASA embraces diversity in the community and supports its members, uniting them by the common goal of understanding one another’s unique backgrounds through social and educational events.


Binghamton University

The Asian Student Union (ASU), founded in 1987, is a social, cultural organization representing 15%+ of Binghamton's Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander undergraduate students. Along with its seven subgroups, ASU serves to defy stereotypes, define culture, maintain a sense of tradition, and what it is to be Asian-American in today’s world through cultural awareness, performance showcases, and a series of events to empower our student body.


Boston University


Brown University


College of William and Mary


Emory University


Florida State University


Franklin and Marshall College


Georgetown University

Georgetown's Asian American Student Association – Political Awareness Committee (PAC) aims to highlight and address issues facing the Asian American community through innovative programming and events. PAC provides a community for those interested in exploring Asian American history and identity in relation to today’s political landscape. We collaborate with campus groups, D.C. organizations, and knowledgeable individuals to organize events such as guest speaker panels and film screenings.

Harvard University

Ithaca College


Kansas State University


Michigan State University


Massachusetts Institute of Technology


The Ohio State University

The Asian American Association at The Ohio State University is a non-profit student organization that, since its inception in the early 1970’s, has served as a foundation for community and leadership among Asian American students. AAA serves as a supporting organization for all Asian American student groups at Ohio State, and strives to provide a platform for OSU’s Asian American voices building APIDA community networks. We work hard to promote awareness of Asian Pacific Islander and Desi American advocacy issues and culture, and to encourage and empower Asian American students to seek involvement, activism, and leadership while at Ohio State.


Princeton University

Princeton University’s Asian American Students Association seeks to empower undergraduates with greater awareness of AAPI political, social, and cultural issues on campus through our speaker series, social events, open discussions, and alumni networking. Princeton’s Asian American Students Association addresses the unique social and political challenges affecting the Asian ethnic community through open discussions and projects. We are dedicated to increasing democratic participation, civic engagement and political consciousness within our community through voter registration events, community service, and panel discussions.


San Diego State University


Texas A&M University

"Asian Presidents' Council strives to unite and strengthen the Asian organizations on the Texas A&M University campus. We aim to increase communication and support between the community, provide leadership and organizational development opportunities, and promote awareness of Asian culture to the Texas A&M student body."


University of California, Berkeley


University of California, Los Angeles


University of Central Florida


University of Maryland, College Park


University of Michigan – Ann Arbor


University of Minnesota


University of Pennsylvania


University of Pittsburgh

University of Pittsburgh’s South Asian Student Organization (SASA) seeks to foster leadership & development, recognize scholarship and achievement, promote citizenship, and celebrate diversity.


University of Portland


University of Virginia


University of Wisconsin – Madison


Vanderbilt University