July 12, 2018
Learn how you can ensure that Asian American and Pacific Islander voices are heard during the 2018 electoral season. Join our workshop in Washington, DC and learn how to build a voter engagement campaign on your campus.



Interested in learning how to create social change within AAPI communities? Know any young AAPI leaders in Washington, DC? 
The Youth Leadership Summit (July 26-27) is an opportunity for high school students to learn how the unique experience of Asian America has become an integral part of the American experience and to discuss the growth of the AAPI electorate and its impact on American politics. 

Community News


After historically low turnout during the 2016 elections and 2014 midterms, a new report from the Center for American Progress finds that states could encourage millions more eligible Americans to vote by adopting policies that increase voter turnout and make voting more convenient.

Key Finding: Certain groups are less likely to be registered to vote, including communities of color, low-income Americans, those with disabilities, and young people. In 2016, Asian Americans were 16 percent less likely to be registered to vote than whites.

Read more facts about our electorate and recommendations to bolster voter turnout here: Increasing Voter Protection in America