The 2020 Presidential Town Hall is open
to the community and free of charge, but prior registration is required. The registration process will be made available June 1, 2020.  If you are interested in being notified, please CLICK HERE.  

Schedule of Events

Leading up to the June 27 Town Hall, a series of workshops and convenings will be scheduled.   This will allow participants to dig deeper on various issues and learn also how to mobilize the AAPI community for the 2020 elections.  

A review of the 2016 schedule can be found here: 

Saturday Sessions 

Partner Events 


You can watch the 2016 Election Forum on Youtube!


Sponsors and Partners

The 2020 list of partners and sponsors will be updated shortly.  The 2016 
Presidential Town Hall

 was made possible by our generous sponsors,
as well as our partner and supporting organizations.


PLEASE NOTE: OUR TOWN HALL IS NOW VIRTUAL AND WILL NO LONGER BE HELD IN LAS VEGAS. Please watch this page as we update information.




pres town hall virtual


Watch the 2016 Election Forum


About the Presidential Town Hall

Since 2008, the Presidential Town Hall has served as a forum for AAPIs to push for AAPI issues to be addressed and on the radar of campaigns and the media. In giving presidential candidates a space to directly address AAPI community members, leaders, and organizers, the town hall has become one of the few spaces geared specifically for candidates to speak directly to AAPIs, about AAPIs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we participate in the Presidential Town Hall?

The Presidential Town Hall will be the largest convergence of over 5,000 Asian American and Pacific Islander professionals and community leaders in the nation. We will be organizing virtually and it will be held in the afternoon of June 27, 2020. This is a historic moment because, as a collective group, this will be the largest opportunity for the presidential candidates to participate and address our communities' needs for the General Election. This will also allow our communities to unite our voices in political engagement this year and into the future.

What events are happening on Saturday, June 27 and days leading up to the event?

The Presidential Town Hall is scheduled for the afternoon of June 27.  A number of workshops and convenings will be scheduled days leading up to the Town Hall as well as dates afterwards.   This includes various panel discussions, trainings, and more related to youth engagement, election protection, policy priorities, GOTV and voter registration. A detailed schedule of events is coming soon. See the 2016 sessions here.

Who else is participating?

Hundred of organizations in over 28 states are coming together to support the presidential Town Hall.  (To Be Updated)

Are the presidential candidates confirmed?

More information is forthcoming.

How can my organization get involved?

Sign up to host a watch party and learn more about how to become a Supporting Organization here.


Press & News from 2016:


2016 Partner and Supporting Organizations