January 13, 2016

In his final State of the Union address last night, President Obama called upon Americans to participate in the political process and for the right to vote to be protected. Asian and Pacific Islander American Vote (APIAVote) applauds this sentiment of increased access and better representation of American voters. 

Christine Chen, Executive Director of APIAVote, remarked: 

"We agree with the President's call to make it easier to vote—not harder. The right to vote is at the cornerstone of American democracy, and efforts to impede or complicate access to the ballot box must be stopped."

"Instead, making it easier to participate in the political process should be the focus of all of our lawmakers. Our democracy is only strong when all voters have an equitable say in our government and politics, when the voice of all Americans can be heard."

"Initiatives across the country such as online voter registration, expansion of early and absentee voting, and automatic voter registration are key to ensuring that America's future as a representative democracy remains bright.