The AAPI community is extremely alarmed that just as more of our voters are using their rights to make our voices heard through the electoral system, more barriers are being placed. To protect the freedom to vote and our democracy, APIAVote supports:

  • Expanding voting access to all Americans by establishing automatic and same-day voter registration, early and mail-in voting in every state for federal elections, as well as requiring online voter registration options.
  • Making Election Day a federal holiday.
  • Oppose voter suppression efforts, such as requirements for photo identification and proof of citizenship, and restore voting rights to individuals with a felony conviction.
  • Ending partisan and racial gerrymandering by establishing independent redistricting commissions.
  • Requiring Super PACs and “dark money” groups to disclose donors publicly.
  • Prohibiting voter deception and intimidation tactics.
  • Prohibiting "voter caging" and restricts the practice of "voter roll purges."
  • Strengthening election security.
  • Language accessibility for persons with Limited English Proficiency (LEP).
  • Protections for racial minorities in states with a history of racial discrimination at the polls by restoring Section 5 of the Voting Rights.


What Do These Initiatives Do for AAPI Communities? 


  • Expands early and mail-in voting is hugely important for AAPI communities. In 2020, AAPIs were more likely to vote early or by-mail than any other ethnic group.
  • Makes voting easier despite one's language abilities. Online voter registration provides additional opportunities for voters to access language assistance, and ensures multi-lingual voter information materials are not unfairly differentiated from English versions of the same materials.
  • Ending racial and partisan gerrymandering would ensure the principle "one man, one vote" – meaning a voters' vote is not diminished by where they live.
  • Help ensure every AAPI's vote is counted safely and securely, and that dark money does not hold more influence than our communities' voices.
  • Prevents AAPI communities and other historically marginalized communities from having fewer voting locations than other jurisdictions. 
  • Prevents AAPI voters from being purged from voter rolls without reasonable grounds.


What We Ask


Currently in Congress, there are two bills that incorporate these provisions being considered: The For the People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act.

Read the resources below to better understand these bills and their impacts on AAPI communities and democracy as a whole. 

Then, we ask you if you support protecting the right to vote and expanding democracy, contact your Senators and share your beliefs on why you support BOTH bills. Find your Senators' contact information at

Lastly, post on social media you took action by using #ForThePeopleAct, #PassS1Now, and/or #JohnLewisVotingRightsAct and tell your friends and family to do the same. 




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